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ViralBitCoins BOX 1

Infinity Crowdfunding Platform
Box # A - 001

Please Help Me With
My Crowdfund Project
By Renting My Platform

Click the spinning coin and see if
I am the winner

My Name is: Corie

viralbitcoins Crowdfunding Platform Rental Business

ViralBitCoins BOX 2

Infinity Crowdfunding Platform
Box # B - 001

Please Help Me With
My Crowdfund Project
By Renting My Platform

Click the spinning coin and see if
I am the winner

My Name is: Ruth

viralbitcoins Crowdfunding Platform Rental Business

Your BitCoin Address Here Your BitCoin Address Here
And The Product is
--- AI Crowdfunding Platform Rentals! ---

With the global crowdfunding market growing by USD 89.72 billion during 2018-2022 there is unlimited amount of Crowdfunding Platforms you can rent! Make Your Fortune Here Renting Out ViralBitCoins AI Crowdfunding Platforms

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This Is How ViralBitCoins Ride Alongside Partner (RASP's) AI Crowdfunding Platform Rentals Works. There are two Dealers Above both with a BitCoin address in the Infinity Crowdfunding Platform Box under Crowdfunding BOX 1 OR BOX 2. One of the Headlines must be chosen "Whether its Crowdfunding BOX 1 OR BOX 2" To Participate you simply Click the Spinning coin and the AI Software Automatically Picks the Winner. You then create your account and send that person (the winner, whether its under Crowdfunding BOX 1 OR BOX 2) their $20.00 in BitCoin Utilizing The Member 2 Member Payment Software.

The AI Software will Automatically add your BitCoin address in place of the winner while creating Your New Website and LEAVING THE NON WINNER THERE! (THE NON WINNER IS Your Ride Alongside Partner) (RASP) It's just as simple as that! Only one BitCoin link will change per participant. Each Dealer is renting out their Infinity Crowdfunding Platform (the product, service) at $20.00 in BitCoin Per Month. Then pay the $5.00 per month fee for the maintenance and web hosting fee along with the programmers retainers fee and Bandwidth and Disk Usage and the Crowdfunding classifieds members ares.

You will have a Ride Alongside Partner. Every ViralBitCoins member will have one. You Will Also Be A Ride Alongside Partner To another ViralBitCoins member. When you signed up the AI assigned you a Permanent Ride Alongside Partner that will be on your website for as long as you both participate, as this is the key to the marketing plan and how you make money renting out the Infinity Crowdfunding Platforms. Although you will be on numerous websites as a RASP. You will still have your main affiliate website with Your RASP that you first got when you signed up. Your main website is the one you promote.

Renting out Your Infinity Crowdfunding Platform at $20.00 per month is how You Get Your Donations to fund Your Dreams, As you advertise you will be given more (RASP's) as Your (RASP's) successfully Rents Out More Of (his, her) Infinity Crowdfunding Platforms For Instance, If you don't get the sale you will become a Ride Alongside Partner on the Purchasers New Website, if you do get the sale your (RASP's) will be on the Purchasers New Website, as a (RASP's).

The BitCoin Dream Machine

This goes on through Infinity giving you half of the Donations and half of the non-Donations within your organization. The Ultimate in Teamwork. Imagine having 10 or 20 (RASP's) advertising there websites to Thousands with you as a (RASP) on there websites and You getting Half of the sales! Your Ride Alongside Partner (THE NON WINNER) Never Receives Any Money From You Ever, he or she just stay on your webpage as your Ride Alongside Partner as you will be on other websites. Only One Person Gets Paid And That's The Coin Toss Winner! You Never Have To Pay Another Coin Toss Winner Ever Again! Remember There Can Be Only One Person That Gets Paid.

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The BitCoin Dream Machine The BitCoin Dream Machine The BitCoin Dream Machine

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