Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How much does cost To Be A Member?
A: First It's FREE To Become a Member.
The FREE Membership is just that, You wil be added to the Companies Rotator hits.

Q: How much does it cost to rent ViralBitCoins Crowdfunding Classifieds Video Area?
A: It only cost $20.00 per month to rent a Crowdfunding Classifieds Video Area With Only Two Referrals And It's Free!

Q: Is ViralBitCoins an Affiliate, MLM organazition or Network Marketing Company
A: Absolutely not. ViralBitCoins is neither a Multi Level Marketing, Networking, Direct Sales or Affiliate organization. There are no "levels" or "layers" or "downlines" ViralBitCoins is a subscription based network. Similar to renting classifieds or renting and placing videos on platforms. ViralBitCoins provides a host of benefits and tools.

Q: Are there any admin FEES?
A: No! But There is a $25.00 per month maintenance and web hosting fee Bandwidth and Disk usage along with the programmers retainers fee WHEN SOMETHING goes wrong. The $25.00 FEE also covers the members area Crowdfund Classifieds Video Area. (the product/service) Tell your story, sell your products and or services with Ride Alongside Partner Software ™ Advanced AI Crowdfunding Classifieds Video Platform Rentals.

Q: Will ViralBitCoins have a bitcoin walet?
A: Yes. Each member should deposit enough bitcoin that will cover the monthly rental for the AI Crowdfunding Classifieds Video Platform that will be automatically ducted from your ViralBitCoins bitcoin walet.

Q: Why does ViralBitcoins have a monthly subscription?
A: There really is no money in a one time payment system. New money has to enter unto any program's economy for sustainability and growth! When you rent a Crowdfunding Classifieds Video Area, Would you like to just get a one time payment and then walk away? or would you prefer a Residual Recurring Payment Month After Month?

Think about it! Let me ask you this question...
Do you know, what all these things I have listed below has in common?
  • Car Payment
  • Health Insurance Bill
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Credit Card Bills....etc.
No? Then let me tell you..
You Pay Them EVERY Month! It's Guaranteed income for them. And I'm willing to bet that most of them are even set up on auto pay, right? Where the payments are deducted from your bank account or Credit/Debit Card? See, here's the thing: That is VERY smart for these companies to do that. They are getting paid every month like clockwork and they can basically set their watches to when the money will be put in their bank accounts, at all different times of the month! You have to admit that....This is RESIDUAL INCOME at its finest ! This is how this program works, lets do the same as the big companies do and get our share of the American Dream! You Can Join for $20.00 monthly NOT $50. OR 100.00 OR 500.00 OR 1,000.00 No Way! Just Highly Affordable ($20) per month for the Crowdfunding Classifieds Video Area..

Q: Do I need referrals in order to earn?
A: Yes. This is a Ride Alongside Partner Marketing Plan ™. You get half the sales and half the RASP'S Earning your $20.00 per month per sale Through infinity renting out your Infinity Crowdfund Classifieds Video Area. Try and bring in new members. The members that you bring in using the banners or using some of the solo ads copies provided, You Will Be There RASP'S. So Get as may new members as you can and encourage them to Donate for the software build. You want to have members you have brought in that have Donated, then you know they are serious about this, and you will be Very Glad that you are a RASP on there websites. That is where the money's at!

Example: It's Synchronization At Its Finest. It's 50/50 For Both RASP's That's The Function Of The AI Software. Everyone Get's Half. Half The Sales Half The RASP's With the global crowdfunding market growing by USD 89.72 billion during 2022 + there is unlimited amount of Crowdfunding Platforms you can rent.

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal?
A. ViralBitCoins is a BitCoin Member 2 Member Payment Program. (peer-to-peer payments) Your Payments are Instant from the ViralBitCoins Member who are or is renting your Infinity Crowdfund Classifieds Video Area. No waiting on admin to approve payments.

Q: How do I pay the $25.00 per month maintenance, hosting, Bandwidth, Disk usage and programmers retainers fee?
A. ViralBitCoins will use Automatic Bank Withdraw for the $25.00.

Q: I have a question that is not answered yet. How can I get help?
A: Just Click Contact Us link above and we'll answer it as fast as possible.

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!


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